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Scientology: "E-Meter ersetzen Gewehre"

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Scientology setzt das E-Meter als Lügendetektor gegen seine Angestellten und Anhänger ein.
Aber auch als Gerät zu Erkennung und Behandlung von Krankheiten.
Das E-Meter wird als Messgerät bezeichnet, auch wenn es nichts misst.
Es zeigt lediglich einen Ausschlag des Zeigers.
Wer diesen interpretieren will, benötigt eine Scientology-"Ausbildung".
2004 hat das Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz Baden-Württemberg eine DIN-A-4-Broschüre mit dem Titel "Die 'Scientology-Organisation' (SO)" herausgegeben.
Dort wird der "HCO Informationsbrief  "E-Meter ersetzen Gewehre" zitiert.
Scientology-Organisation pflegt zu behaupten, Zitate seien aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen und dadurch in ihrer Bedeutung verfälscht.
Deshalb wird hier dieser Text vollständig wiedergegeben.




Betrifft: Artikel "E-Meter ersetzen Gewehre", veröffentlich an diesem Datum zur allgemeinen Information

Terroristen und Subversive haben weitaus mehr Angst vor E-Metern, als vor Gewehren.

Ein E-Meter ist ein kleiner, nicht teurer elektronischer Kasten der Subversive oder Kriminelle von ehrlichen Leuten unterscheiden kann.


Technical Bulletins
of Dianetics and Scientology
L. Ron Hubbard
Founder of Dianetics and Scientology
VOLUME VIII 1966-1969
Bridge Publications, Inc. NEW ERA Publications International ApS

Published in the USA by Bridge Publications, Inc.
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ISBN 0-88404-479-3
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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Gen Non-Remimeo
To: All Orgs From: Ron
Subject: Article "E-Meters Replace Guns," issued this date for general info.

Terrorists and subversives are far more afraid of E-Meters than guns.

An E-Meter is a small, inexpensive box of electronics that ably distinguishes the subversive or the criminal from honest men.

When guns are used on subversives the subversive wins; he wins worid support, boycotts, the protests of huge governments. But when E-Meters are used, the subversive loses. He loses his leaders, his communication lines and his support. And even more important he loses his hold of terror over people by which he can cause broad strikes and passive resistance.
The Mau Mau won after all. Even though he slaughtered thousands of natives in terrorism, the opinion of the worid swung toward the "poor native downtrodden by his masters" and Kenya was delivered over to Mau Mau inspired freedom—and presumably more Mau Mau* massacres.
Subversion is a large subject. Only a skilied expert can handle it.
A good control requires superior technology. Just now the "superior technology" in political use is mental terrorism in subversive and seditious hands. And it is winning in the UN, throughout the Northern Hemisphere and in Asia. It does not mean freedom. It only talks about it. It means slavery for all, white, brown, and black.
Unless the controlling forces in Africa use technology superior to that in the hands of the terrorist, no amount of guns, no number of soldiers or police can stem the tide.
Police force is an emergency measure. It is vital to bring about order—but only after security technology has failed. That riots occur and that police must act says that security has already broken down.
Unless broad, effective security measures can be instituted, more riots, more police, more terrorism can result.
The average native does not like to run with the terrorists. He would rather live in peace. But when criminal subversives exist amongst the native population,
*» M
Mau Mau: a secret organization of tribesmen in Kenya that used revolutionary terrorism during the 1950s in a rebeilion against British colonial ruie.

the native is cowed by their terrorism into taking part in demonstrations, strikes and vandalism.
This was the pattern of the Mau Mau. By threats and enforced oaths, a fe\v trained subversives dominated the area. That the native population was reluctant is demonstrated by the thousands of natives slain by the terrorists, compared to twenty whites.
The terrorist is the proper target of any police action, not the defenseless bodies the terrorist throws upon police guns. The terrorist stays safe while his enforced slaves die.
How does a terrorist subversive accomplish this? His devious ways include blackmail on sex and other crimes, threats of reprisals on families, and promised punishment if the hapless native fails to act.
Guns only shoot the pawns set up by subversives. They do not kill the subversive.
And that is why the E-Meter is far better than guns. It hunts down the shadowy man behind the trouble.
Find one native who participated in a riot or a strike. Put him "on" an E-Meter and without that pawn saying one word, you can find out who made him do it.
Then, finding the person who forced him on and putting that person in turn upon the E-Meter, you can find the man behind him.
The safety of the terrorist is blasted apart the moment an E-Meter is applied to some of the people taken from any riot or passive strike.
There is no known way to "beat the E-Meter" used in this fashion except Scientology processing. And in processing honesty and courage are returned and the information is usually volunteered. So there is no known way to beat the E-Meter except by smashing it or discrediting it.
The subversive bitterly hates the meter. He hates it so much that a London pro-Russian paper recently devoted half a page calling it "a box of rubbish" and other hard names even knowing they would be sued and would lose 20,000 pounds at least. It is worth many times 20,000 pounds to world subversives to discredit "the magic box."
What is it anyway? It is a very sensitive, extremely modern version of the old Wheatstone bridge, designed a century ago. Its use has been constantly fought by "liberal" and subversive groups.
An older version exists today as the "skin galvonometer" unit of the police lie detector. These machines however are unwieldy and subject to 9% error. Further they cost about 6,000 pounds apiece.
Ten years ago new research was begun on the structure of the machine and improvements were made. Then about four years ago a brilliant electronics team under heavy supervision, designed and built the modern Electrometer.

Many times as sensitive as the police lie detector, this new meter is constructed with a very sensitive dial and transistors. It is not subject to mains variations and can be adjusted to read through the reactions of the most nervous subjects.
What does it read? The older models were thought to read "lies." The new model reads emotional reaction and disagreement—and it reads them whether the subject talks or not.
The subject is made to hold two electrodes, one in each hand. The operator asks questions. The machine reads the emotional reaction to the questions. Whenever the needle dips a bit the answer is "Maybe." When the needle dips a great deal, the machine is answering "Yes." When the needle does not dip at all,
the answer is "No" or "Not Guilty."
The machine also has a tone arm which tells a quicker story. Used, for instance, at a road block, if the subject took the electrodes in hand and the E-Meter was adjusted to read, the tone arm would tell at once whether the person should be questioned further. A tone-arm too high or too low would mark the subject that should be interrogated at length. Sixty persons an hour could be checked by one machine in the hands of one operator by using the tone arm only. And every person with a bad tone arm reading could be set aside for additional testing. All this has held true on tens of thousands of cases.
This compared to the old police lie detector is a great advantage since the old lie detector required about one hour per subject.
The 6,000 pound detector would require a truck to carry it about. Its new, better grandson is a box not much bigger than a large book.
And what if a person refused to take the electrodes. They almost never refuse even when guilty. But if they did, a gentle placing of the electrodes under the armpits or against the soles of the feet gets the same readings.
The E-Meter costs no 6,000 pounds. It costs about 36 pounds less than a good rifle. And it gets the right game, not the pawn or the innocent bystander.
In troubled times business tends to halt because there has been no way to sort out the dishonest employee, house boy or farmhand. The method used in the past was to remove all the help to a reserve. And that nearly ruined everyone and punished the innocent.
A better method is for every manager or householder to have an E-Meter and to understand its operation (it takes about two weeks to become rather expert). Every employee can be checked out at effective intervals and trouble will be caught a long time before it happens, for the instigator of future trouble would instantly be disclosed. It's nice to sleep comfortably and eat and work with no fear.
Subversion attempts to break down the natural affection and understanding that should exist amongst people, between employer and employee. An E-Meter restores confidence. And after all, security is only confidence confirmed.

A whole otherwise loyal population can be turned against its employers and rulers by doing two things:
(1) By corrupting the worker with lies and threats and
(2) By provoking the leaders to act savagely toward the governed, thus severing loyalties.
When these two actions are undone, subversion, sedition and terrorism collapse.
All subversion depends on messengers, delivery of arms, collection of monies and other movements. These actions require the use of paths and roads.
By putting road blocks across internal and external paths and highways of the country and equipping these with E-Meters, this necessity of movement is hampered and most communication chains are broken. Subversion could collapse on this alone. For instance there is no reason to unload and inspect trucks when drivers and riders are checked for conspiracy and found "clean." Constant checking is obviated by thorough checking at regular intervals and issuing certificates of a check, complete with picture and thumb print. A person with "clean hands" does not need continuous checking or special passes. He can be trusted.
Honest people are the victims in a subversion. It is the basic responsibility of a government or an establishment to protect its loyal and honest people.
Make no mistake about the end product of a subversion campaign. The talk during a revolt is all of "liberty," but once the revolt is over, slavery of the cruelest kind is the country's lot. Look at France in the 18th century. Look at Ghana. It is no kindness to go soft and let a people's lot be worsened.
Around the world today, an enormous raid is in progress. Perhaps capitalism has had some bad points. But capitalism at least returned something for a people's labor.
Socialism and communism, growing ever stronger in the Northern Hemisphere, are a raid on the production of labor by the privileged few. Socialism and communism seek to have a people's labor for no return. And the least progress, the least happiness, exist in communist dominated countries. They "award" the worker with near starvation, no freedoms and total labor.
The reign of terror which ushers in a communist state in practice never abates. Even when communism has won "freedom for the worker" there is no freedom—in fact far less freedom than ever before. So no effective measure that halts the sweep of terrorism should be left unused. So, have no qualms about the invasion of privacy factor in using E-Meters. Only the honest deserve privacy. Only the loyal have earned it.
And yet we often hear honest men revile the use of quiet interrogation. They are misguided. They have been set on by dishonest men who are trying to hide. Only the honest have rights. It's a good thing to remember that when subversion is about.

The E-Meter prevents the honest from being arrested, jailed, martyred. The punishment of the honest is all music to the terrorists' ears and earns a large splash in world news. So prevention of injustice is vital.
It is remarkable that the E-Meter makes it unnecessary to jail men for political crimes. And this punishment of political action is what makes bad press in the United States and England.
How is that?
Political crimes of the intensity of mob violence, terrorism and vandalism occur against the background of a very odd fact: The professional subversive is held on the job by blackmail. The blackmail consists of threatened exposure of an actual criminal background.
In a very large number of cases checked on the E-Meter it was discovered that the majority of persons guilty of political crimes were first guilty of actual crimes such as robbery, murder, rape and mayhem. Of a long series of known communists checked out, the large majority were found to have committed crimes of violence.
In the light of this startling fact, jailing a person for political beliefs or sedition becomes relatively unnecessary. One doesn't jail a murderer for inciting a riot and incur vast international press repercussions. One jails a murderer for murder and hangs him very thoroughly.
A country can be torn asunder by failing to understand subversion. A government becomes savage, driven half mad and understandably so. It cannot find anything to hit except its people. Employer becomes paranoid about his employees. Which one of them will cut his throat? And understandably he becomes hostile to all of them. The worker feels the brunt of government and foreman and, afraid, has no place to turn and comes at last under the executioner's axe of the terrorist as he mounts to power or grinds out his life, a slave in the donkey mill of the "new people's state."
The forces of subversion loose on Earth today use exact technologies. These are taught carefully to criminals in prison, in schools, in foreign states. This is the new psychosis of Earth. To break it one need only work with truth and reach men's minds with truth. One need but be certain to have the subversives behind bars, or otherwise cared for, to prevent truth from being corrupted. And the E-Meter singles them easily out from the loyal crowd.
No fortress, business or country can long endure in the climate of hate.
No gate, no fortress is more secure than its garrison. That corrupted and why the walls?
Not for nothing does any "new people's state" shoot down the moment it's in power the very men who destroyed the old. Counter-revolution is the terror bed mate of all new communist states. They know how easily it is done and how. And so they usually remove even their own old agents by the firing squad or through exile. The Trotskys don't live long. Therefore, if this is so efficient, why don't we remove the agents now before the people's state is formed by violence? We don't even need to know their names and addresses typed on a neat list.

Those can be found by a quiet dial placed in the hands of any rioter or striker that is caught. These wouldn't talk. They don't have to. The meter does the talking, even in semi-skilled hands.
Reform of abuses in a state cannot be achieved while that state is filled with distrust and nerves. And a state will be so filled while subversives, trained in their own technologies, are still at large amongst a people.
Confidence is the only atmosphere in which reforms can take place.
The subversives in the UN and throughout the Northern Hemisphere have South Africa now just where they want her. Antagonized by violence within her borders, South Africa uses guns. The subversives through the world scream and cause, by this, good people to act and protest.
The end of this tragedy would be a South Africa denied all help, even arms, shut off to the North by "new people's states" well supplied with arms, and finally attacked from without only to collapse from within by carefully prepared revolts.
To turn this into a comedy, with the subversive at the receiving end of the joke is not hard to do. A populace of Asians and natives loyal to South Africa could help fight subversives rather than aid the collapse and any war declared in the north could be rolled back with ease.
To accomplish this at first not even government cooperation is necessary to the project. If employers and householders could read men's minds with "the magic box," they could assemble to themselves loyal crews. If this were broadly done the government would soon follow suit, if only to the extent of the individual police members adopting the method to save themselves hot work in interrogation and arrests. But let us hope the government as well would quickly avail itself of technology superior to that of the subversive and quickly run subversion down with modern scientific technology instead of tedious and ancient actions which, everywhere they have been used, failed.
E-Meters are cheap. They can be imported in enormous quantities. They are easy to operate. Special evening classes could be set up quickly in existing centers throughout South Africa. There are no frailties or bugs in the modern meter. They read positively. The E-Meter and the know-how to use them is fifty years ahead of the technology being used by subversives. And if the terrorists learn it, they cannot use it against South Africa because it is the technology of honest men. To use it is to become honest. Although the E-Meter technology now extant and well known to certain skilled persons in South Africa could be adequate, some additional technical work should be done to speed the resolution of this particular problem. Coordination of the. program and compiling instruction leaflets for the layman also should be done. Not even this is needed to launch the program but the effectiveness of the action could be speeded even more if it were. There would be no substitute for having a top flight security expert on the ground. Unfortunately those present, through no fault of their own, lacking technology, have already failed.
Once subversion is handled and terrorists put out of the way, continued use of this activity would prevent further occurrences. Thus a rechecking of employees and population at intervals would be necessary to maintain peace.

And peace with trust is the only atmosphere in which measures can be taken to bring greater understanding and participation to a populace.
A government cannot compromise or quit under duress without losing its strength and vitality. One cannot give up his integrity just because he is threatened. But once peace with trust is secured, harsh and inhumane methods of handling people become stupid and can be discarded.
Only by treating its situation sensibly and effectively can South Africa live through the tremendous external pressure of a world gone mad with slavery in a new and terrible form.
Don't think the world outside South Africa is free. It is not. It is sinking deeper and deeper into the slavery of new economic task masters, of rapacious governments, of its own terrible weapons.
South Africa and Australia may well be the only civilized countries that will survive a coming atomic war. Thus South Africa has a tremendous responsibility to keep civilization alive and a population free of "people's dictatorships."
South Africa needs every bit of modern technology it can obtain to win through to security.
She faces today these menaces:
(1) The exerted and concentrated technology of the terrorists which has so far won everywhere it has been hard tried—i.e., Kenya, Ghana, the U.A.R, etc.;
(2) A possible shut-off of arms—i.e., Batista in Cuba;
(3) Economic boycotts in the hands of rabble rousers running free and unhampered in the Northern Hemisphere—i.e. recent boycott in London;
(4) Bad world press, fattened by new riots, a press that forgives any vandalism if anyone seeks to keep order and uses guns—i.e., Vereeniging, Hanga riots;
(5) News people's states just to the north, ready and able to supply new subversives, unlimited arms and eventual war with the whole-hearted support of the world—i.e., Egypt, Algeria, etc.;
(6) Internal distrust which can rise to stop all productions—i.e., Kenya, etc.;
(7) An ever more divided government as the government seeks to hammer back the threat by needful methods which yet dismay the hearts of every decent man;
(8) An engulfing of white, Indian and black alike in the chaos calculatingly created by a handful of trained subversives.

This is no time to leave stones unturned. This is no time to fail to write and apply the best available technology and the most effective plans.
There are only two things which can prevent South Africa from winning with this program. These are:
(1) Discrediting of the plan, its source and its tools. The E-Meter is violently hated by the subversive who already knows of it and will try to tear the sky off to prevent its use. When you hear it disparaged, look behind the discreditor to see what you find; and
(2) Failure to use the most modern weapons and technology to fight back. To turn this tide use E-Meters, not guns.
Probably, the only nation left on earth with the will to fight subversion is South Africa.                                         '                        A%
Do we want to win?


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